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USS Hanson
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About the Hanson 832 Website

The latest and current version of the Hanson 832 website was designed in 2010 by Ozzy Resto currently residing in Demopolis, AL. Ozzy is a freelance web designer and has built several websites for some non-profit organizations, at no charge to the organizations.
Together with Carl Pearson (administrator), the site is continually updated to keep the spirit of the USS Hanson and those who served alive.
The site was conceived as an effort to update the previous site with a new look and update the code to current HTML standards. We have made every effort to validate all the code by using the W3C Validator, in which all pages passed with the exception of a few special scripts.

The Colors

This site uses the standard colors in the Navy Seal:

  Navy Colors
Pantone (1st number), RGB (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), and Hexadecimal (#...) color numbers.

The blue used in the main menu on the left is representative of the Medal of Honor (RGB: 85, 126, 187), and the gray in the title header is representative of the Battleship gray color (RGB: 132, 132, 130).

Browser Compatibility

This site was fully tested with major internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.


Some pages on this site use Javascript to animate or display certain elements.

Site Awards

In recognition of the previous version of the Hanson 832 website, we are displaying below their awards received. Because this site is fairly new, no new awards have been received yet, but I am sure someone out there will recognize the efforts and dedication of the members of this great organization and award the first one. Cross your fingers!