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USS Hanson USS Hanson 832


USS Hanson
First Launch
The First Launch of the 832

Duffy Brothers
Richard and Donald Duffy
Photo Gallery
The Early Years:
1948-50 arrow
A Visit to the Hanson
December 1972 arrow
Lou DeLancey's
1956-58 arrow
Damage Control, &
Firefighting School arrow
Crew Collections 1 arrow
Crew Collections 3 arrow
Crew Collections 5 arrow
USS Edson DD-946
Destroyer Museum arrow
Hanson's Bell
Hanson Crew Rescues Downed Airmen
Oct. 1957 arrow
Crossing the Equator
1957 arrow
WestPac Cruise
1956-58 arrow
Marty Sullivan's
Collection arrow
Crew Collections 2 arrow
Crew Collections 4 arrow
Loose Pictures arrow
Reunion Collections
1993-1996 arrow
Reunion 2000 arrow
Seattle, WA
Reunion 2003 arrow
San Diego, CA
Reunion 2006 arrow
Reno, NV
Reunion 2009 arrow
Tucson, AZ
Reunion 2012 arrow
Portland, OR
Reunion 2015 arrow
Albuquerque, NM
Reunion 1998 arrow
Norfolk, VA
Reunion 2001 arrow
Charleston, SC
Reunion 2004 arrow
Buffalo, NY
Reunion 2007 arrow
Jacksonville, FL
Reunion 2010 arrow
Portland, ME
Reunion 2013 arrow
Savannah, GA
Reunion 2017 arrow
Nashville, TN
Reunion 1999 arrow
Louisville, KY
Reunion 2002 arrow
Branson, MO
Reunion 2005 arrow
San Antonio, TX
Reunion 2008 arrow
Memphis, TN
Reunion 2011 arrow
Mobile, AL
Reunion 2014 arrow
Cleveland, OH