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USS Hanson USS Hanson


USS Hanson
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August 1956
As told by Richard Duffy
It was a very warm day in August, 1956, and the USS Hanson was patrolling the Formosa Straits under what is referred to as...
November 1956
As told by Richard Duffy
While the USS Hanson was patrolling the Formosa Straits in early November, 1956, the only land mass we saw in close to...
July 1957
As told by Richard Duffy
The Navy Blues Brothers named below are here by charged with the HEINOUS CRIMES listed below and shall report to King Neptune's Court...
July 1957
As told by Richard Duffy
With crocodiles, natives, beer, and Pago Pago behind us, we set our course South West for Melbourne, Australia. It was about...
December 24, 1969
As told by Roger Chagnon
I was assigned to the USS Hanson, DD-832, immediately following my graduation from Signalman A school in...
February 18, 1971
As told by Harold Ferguson
I was on board the USS DENNIS J BUCKLEY DD 808. My ship along with other ships in destroyer squadron one, including the...
Winter 1952
As told by Leonard Hill
...I was Quartermaster on watch, and logged the entire 14 hr battle, and discovered that Rich Ericson, was the sonarman on duty that night, and ...
West Pac Cruise, 1972
As told by Douglas A. Pierce
IN THE MIDDLE OF A TYPHOON…. Sailors have numerous ways to pass the time while underway. There are too many to recall in this...
Haiphong 1972
As told by Dennis R. Wappes
“Now! General Quarters! General Quarters! All hands man your battle stations! General Quarters! General Quarters!  All hands man your battle stations!...
Haiphong Run, 1972
As told by Bill Elliott
It's now 1:10 am; why did I think I could get any sleep? We are making another trip into Haiphong Harbor...
November 1952
As told by Robert DeSadier
At 1700 hours, November 17, 1952, the ship claxons rang out from the loudspeakers aboard the USS Hanson, DDR 832. The shrill bosun's whistle...
As told by Larry Newman MM1
"Don't miss the Gooney Birds at Midway," Jack Hale told me. "You'll never see the likes again." I was a fresh faced boot who had ...
October 1957
As told by Jack Kearcher EN3
Maneuver independently in the South China Sea, those were the orders received by the U.S.S. Hanson DDR-832 from a disgruntled ....

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